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The Website

This group is dedicated to the art and creativity of the members of ZNDR, a non-canon Zelda Roleplay hosted here,… . The site is open to anyone and everyone, no matter their age or background. The site is run by myself, Mellomeme and TaiOshiro.








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Tome of the Ancients
Dark times have befallen a once vibrant land. The land of Hyrule. Where magic rules, faeries are real, and fantasy is a fact of life.

These are dark times indeed. Magic has been outlawed, seen as a scourge on the lands, the source of all strife in history. Sil'forrin, known as the "Youthful King" has been on the throne for over a hundred years, and appears to have only aged a day. Hyrule has learned not to question this phenomenon, simply sitting back and allowing Sil'forrin to reign.

The Zora have retreated to their domain, attacking, and killing, those who trespass past the Hyrule plains into their lands. Rumors abound of their dastardly tactics to poison the rivers and lake. The only pure water can be found within their domain, and they do not take kindly to those who would trespass for it.

The Goron, long ago retreated to Death Mountain, never to be seen, rarely to be heard from by the rest of Hyrule. Rumor has it that they only keep in contact with that of the Kokiri, utilizing the magical paths of the Lost Woods to gain what they require. There are whispers of Death Mountain falling dormant, some even speculate extinct.

The Gerudo too, have retreated to their own lands, harboring ill will to any Hylian that sets foot on the bridge into the valley. Twenty Two years ago, their 13th king was born, and now, they follow him. It is rare, but not unheard of, to see a Gerudo leave the valley for any reason. They are heavily prosecuted by King Sil'forrin and his Honor Guard. The Gerudo need very little from outside their valley.

The Sheikah have suffered the most. Prosecuted every which way they turn, for the assassinations of Royalty time and again. There are few of the race who would deny such things, but the majority just accept their fate, and remain in hiding. Story has it that they have separated into smaller tribal groups, scattered across Hyrule, hiding in its temples and other dark and dangerous places. Few come out of hiding time and again, to trade, mingle, and interact. A majority of the Hylian population is left in the dark, unaware that they might have just made a deal with a banished Sheikah.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the last sage was seen, and a hundred years since the last of the temples was open for public worship. Most have forgotten the gods, with accusations of being forgotten, turned against, and general apathy, few pay tribute or worship any longer. Those that do, tend to do so in secrecy, as it was those very gods who gave the people Magic. The magic that lands one in the prisons in the deepest ends of the castle, or on the slab for execution.
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